Just a word about our privacy policy
Any information collected on this site, such as names and email addresses is used solely to communicate with you, to provide services you have requested, or to provide a more personal experience through our site.  Contact information collected in connection with surveys and contests is used to notify the winners and award prizes and may be shared with sponsors of such surveys or contests.  Postal addresses are only collected via email from winning contestants and used to send prizes to winners. This information may be passed to sponsors supplying prizes.  No information is passed to other organisations or individuals, although we have no control over others accessing email addresses posted on this site.
Email addresses or postal addresses of any children identified as being under 16 will be removed from the site by us. We publish photographs of children under 18 only when supplied by their parents, and without any identifying information except the name supplied by their parents.
We recommend that children under 16 should not post any identifying information anywhere on this site, and remove any email addresses supplied by children we know to be under 16 who might register for our chatroom. We monitor our chatroom and our message board to protect children, and if you should ever see anything in either place which suggests a child might be at risk please report it immediately. They have a special place in our hearts and deserve our protection.

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